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The Dwarves forging an alliance with the band Blind Guardian


Dwarves are tough. Forged from stone by their god, Vraccas, they are rough warriors and skilled craftsmen. A never-ending love for all kinds of minerals that resides in their blood, so there is only one kind of music to complement the thunder of their sledgehammers, and the clash of their battle axes; METAL!

KING Art is happy to #announce a #partnership with the legendary German band, Blind Guardian!

Not only will musicians from Blind Guardian perform parts of The Dwarves official soundtrack in their own unique style, but there will also be a special quest involving Blind Guardian integrated in the game itself.

To perfectly blend these additions into the fantasy-world of Girdlegard, the developers from KING Art and Blind Guardian are cooperating closely with the author of The Dwarves book series, ensuring that the adventure remains true to the spirit of the narrative.

A new video documents the journey of some KING Art’s developers as they get an exclusive chance to sit in on Blind Guardian’s studio, where members of the band are performing music from The Dwarves for the first time.

About Blind Guardian

Since 1984 German metal-band Blind Guardian has mixed fast and powerful metal with fantasy-style music, and slower paced ballads. For example, the Album “Nightfall” – a musical tribute to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Songs, such as “The Bards Song”, are not only everlasting hits, they also show how Blind Guardian is able and willing to tell a story with their music. Their latest work, “Beyond the Red Mirror” from 2015, continues their track record. Blind Guardian is currently on tour in South America. They will reach US soil late October 2015, starting in Baltimore and will proceed to New York, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and many other cities along the way. You can find the full tour-dates and any further information about Blind Guardian on their official homepage.


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