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The Dwarves Kickstarter campaign officially funded

the dwarves kickstarter campaign officially funded linux mac windows pc

Almost 5,000 backers #supported The Dwarves Kickstarter campaign. And with over $260,000 raised so far – and there is still one full week to go. Hence the campaign is far from over. #KINGArt is now aiming for a collection of exciting #stretchgoals. Therefore: new game modes, cooperative multiplayer, a brand-new character, additional quests. Orchestral music and many more were made possible because of the incredible support of the community.

Check out The Dwarves – Let’s Play Trailer here:

“Be as steadfast as the granite of which we are made!” The battlecry of King Giselbert, leader of the Fifthling tribe, echoes over the battlements of the mighty fortress at the Stone Gateway. And verily, steadfast the few surviving defenders need to be. Hence the hordes of Tion. Orcs, Ogres and Dark Elves – are marching in by the hundreds and thousands. There are only a few dozen brave dwarven warriors standing between Girdlegard. And these creatures of the darkness, and none of them will see the light of the new dawn.

  • Learn all about the coolest fantasy race out there
  • Explore a huge game world due to an ever-growing group of companions
  • Experience an epic story with many optional side-quests and tough decisions
  • Discover unique traits about your 15 different companions and improve their skills
  • Fight against hundreds of enemies in epic real-time battles that combine dynamic action and tactical depth

With this grim prologue, describing a battle that took place over 1,000 years ago, the Fantasy-RPG “The Dwarves” begins. In a new 15-minute long video. Developer KING Art shows and explains the game’s features, such as how the combat system works. What is the crowd-combat system? How do different enemy types react to player actions. And how do special attacks play a role in turning the tide of battle? After the hard-fought battle, there is also a small exploration segment showing the protagonist Tungdil. Wondering through the Vaults of Lot-Ionan, exploring new environments and character interactions.

Do you love The Dwarves but don’t have the cash to spare? You can also help the developers by adding your social-media reach to the game’s Thunderclap campaign.


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