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The EgoSoft Humble Weekly Sale


This week’s Humble Weekly Sale features six resplendent games from EGOSOFT!



Pay $1 or more and get Steam keys for X: Beyond the FrontierX-TensionX2: The Threat, and X3: Reunion (plus the X3: Reunion Bonus Package). Pay $6 or more to get X3: Terran ConflictX3: Albion Prelude plus its soundtrack, and all the bonus material from the X: Superbox!

All games are available on Steam for Windows, with select games also available on Steam for Mac and Linux. As a special bonus, all purchases will also come with the soundtrack to the latest game set in the X Universe, X Rebirth!


Bundle buyers can also choose how they want their purchase allocated: to the developers (EGOSOFT), and/or two fantastic charities, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity.

Check out the EgoSoft Humble Weekly Sale

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