The Eigengrau Menagerie a unique game

the Eigengrau Menagerie a unique puzzle adventure linux mac pc

The Eigengrau Menagerie is a classy place for deep cogitations and Thoughtforms, sir. Currently embroiled in the popularity contest that is Steam #Greenlight, The Eigengrau Menagerie is a sumptuous little #puzzle-adventure #game, filled with phantasmagorical art and a literary soul.

It has Thoughtforms, obviously. And, also a story that involves a young pilgrim in the Kingdoms of Ahmera. Inexperienced but eager, he stares out over this strange land, anxious to join other Pilgrim Hikers as they sojourn through this strange world in pursuit of spiritual truths. The protagonist is eventually allowed to putter after his elders, who are either busy transcending mortal concerns or tripping gonads on magical mushrooms. And that is where it begins. At least, that’s what its Greenlight page suggests.

You are a pilgrim with powers over empathy. Gather information. Edit reality. The Thoughtforms await.
Find your purpose in this uniquely challenging game, where your success is determined by your critical thinking and your cleverness!

It’s a challenge to know exactly what is going on in The Eigengrau Menagerie, but it looks unique. There’s a delicious touch of The Book of Living Magic somewhere in its DNA, nestled in its art and mysterious prose. It also promises Some Very Cool Things, like powers over empathy and editing reality.

If you like what you see and you’re one of those people who do, you know, vote on things they like on Greenlight, you should really head over and give them a digital thumbs-up. Everyone else?

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