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The Emperor’s Own adventure seeks support

the emperor’s own story driven adventure seeks support for linux with windows pc

The Emperor’s Own adventure seeks support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Volga Studios. Who are always looking for via the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. With 21 days left to hit the $100,000 USD funding goal.

The Emperor’s Own is a story driven adventure game with RPG elements. It also features deep, multi-dimensional characters and difficult moral dilemmas. Plus a mature, branching story where your decisions truly matter.

Likewise, the funding campaign is currently underway. Taking place in the Russian Empire of the 19th Century. The campaign is already 30% funded within just 5 days. Now with 21 days left to reach the $100,000 goal. Which will certainly help take The Emperor’s Own RPG adventure even further. This also means, for the next two of years Volga Studios are ready to dedicate their time to the project. The actual release is due to arrive on Windows PC. But there are plans for Linux support.

Right now we’re working on a Windows version. But once that’s done, we’d definitely like to add Linux and consoles.

The fact that Volga Studios want Linux support for The Emperor’s Own is positive. Since Unreal Engine 4 is the game engine of choice for development. This means that a native port should be straight forward. But I did make the attempt to try the games Steam Demo via Proton, fatal error. Although I’d be keen to know if someone else gets it running. If so, please leave a comment below.

The Emperor’s Own Trailers

The story of The Emperor’s Own takes place in the year is 1803. The Slavomir Empire is recovering after a bloody war with its southern neighbor. Word is spreading that the uneasy peace is about to give way to another war. Even more bloody and devastating than the last. Emperor Alexei III has raised taxes and increased the term of military service. While further inflaming the already exhausted peasantry.

Discontent in the provinces is increasing daily. While the serfs are at the limits of their patience. Few people are aware of the true situation in the Empire. Most of high society are still attending balls and receptions in the capital. Doing so without a care in the world. In The Emperor’s Own there’s discontent among some of the nobility as well. Secret societies and plots of all manner abound. The line between enemy and friend, truth and lies is disappearing. The Empire is atop a powder keg. All that’s missing is a spark.

And in the midst of it all, rumors of mysterious and supernatural events. These apparently take place in the borderlands, now the news is reaching the capital. Peasants are whispering that the Emperor has lost God’s favor. And that a change has to come at the very top.

The Emperor’s Own will release on Steam in 2021. The story driven adventure game is due to arrive on Windows PC, but also on Linux as well. The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is due by January 3rd, 2021. When the $100,000 USD funding goal is met. The developers plan on adding three more chapters to the game.

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