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The End of the Sun now has a native Demo

the end of the sun first-person exploration game now has a native demo for linux with windows pc

The End of the Sun first-person exploration game now has a native Demo for Linux with Windows PC. All due to the minds of indie developer The End of the Sun Team. Available for all to try out on Steam.

The End of the Sun is a first-person exploration game with adventure and its story-driven. While taking place in a Slavic fantasy world. As a result, the team is eager to announce the Free demo version.

The demo contains a small part of the full game but also offers over 1 hour of gameplay. The End of the Sun Demo is due to be part of Steam Next Festival 2023 February edition. Including English and Polish full audio language versions. The full version of the game will be available in 9 languages.

The End of the Sun – Official Commented Gameplay

The End of the Sun takes place in the world of Slavic rites, beliefs, and legends. The small village becomes a place of mysterious events. As a result, the line between myth and reality begins to fade severely.

As the ashter (Slavic sorcerer) who has the gift to travel in time and knowledge about Navia. Which is the otherworld where human fates shape/ All while following the trail of the unusual fugitive, you come to a mysterious village. Sadly, you cannot find anyone there, at least not in a way you expected to. All you can see around are burned hearths.

The The End of the Sun story presents the events occurring during the 4 major Slavic festivals. These take place during the 4 seasons far away from each other in time. Recreates mystical events, culture, and people’s habits in an unusual way. The game is inspired by both adventure and exploration games. Due to its unorthodox riddles to solve, but the story-line is in the first place here.

While the full version of The End of the Sun is due to launch in Q4 2023 on Steam and Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to try out the Demo on Steam.

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