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The epic Shovel Knight is now out for Linux from developer Yacht Club Games


Shovel Knight has finally been released on Linux this past week, #developer Yacht Club Games announced via Steam and Kickstarter pages earlier this week. Steam users on Linux need not take any extra steps to get their copies up and running, but those who prefer to go through GOG and the Humble Store should keep an eye out for when new builds become available.

You there! Shovel Knight is now available on Linux through Steam! No longer must you brave the perils of emulators, virtual machines, dual booting, or what-have-you to do battle against the forces of evil. Now that Windows, Mac and Linux are all released, you can play Shovel Knight on your system(s) of choice!

Shovel Knight has trampled the lackluster competition and become one of Linux Game News favorite games of 2014. Thats without even exploring all of the silly cheatcodes that have been popping up. So far, a list of over 300 codes have been discovered by fans since the launch two weeks ago, but only one of them has been gaining widespread traction thanks to it being a little bit cheeky. Butt Mode.

Having played the Shoven Knight native build, we here at Linux Game News are more than just a bit impressed. The side-scrolling platformer works exceedingly well and integrates controller support for a truly seemless experience.
Now you to can bring back the days or retro-gaming with an 8-bit style, as the gameplay is both challenging and creatively interesting. You will want to sink your teeth into the YachtClue Games title.


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