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The Equinox Hunt stealth rogue-lite port plans

the equinox hunt is a brand new stealth rogue-lite with port plans to game on linux windows pc

The Equinox Hunt is a brand new stealth rogue-lite with port plans to game on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from developer EvilStar Studios. Due is due to arrive this month on Steam.

Since time immemorial, The Equinox Hunt took place in the depths of the forest. Prey has to go through the night for a chance at freedom. But the forest is also full of lurking hunters. All ready at any moment to engulf their victim in fear and sheer terror.
So even if the hunters are brutal. They group themselves into different specialized factions. Although different, they cooperate during the hunt to ensure the toughness of their victims.

Likewise, you can see the interest in The Equinox Hunt. It’s more of a creepy horror vibe. Which is slated for a Windows PC release. But there are certainly plans for Linux as well.

We want to bring the game on Linux. However, we will release on Linux after the Windows launch because we want to test more.

Therefore, there is no official release for the native build of The Equinox Hunt. But that being said, you can game on Linux with the Demo. Which is playable using Proton and it runs well. Clearly, the port plans will mean far more testing. But if the Demo is any example of what we can expect. This should be fairly quick. Along with Steam, the demo is also available on Itch and GameJolt to play with Wine.

The Equinox Hunt – Release Date Trailer

Playing The Equinox Hunt you will have to abide by a few tasks. Seeing you have to hide from the hunters and make your way through the woods. Hopefully you can escape from the forest and reclaim your freedom. If you are fortunate enough, discover the mystery behind the cultists and their ritual.


  • True stealth. You’re not a hunter, you’re the VICTIM.
  • Multiple enemy factions: Trappers, Prowlers, Marksmen and Cutters, each of them specialized in a unique combat style.
  • Use the environment to ease your way out.
  • When your character dies, he’s gone forever, yet you still have a chance, since the hunt never stops.

As of now, The Equinox Hunt stealth rogue-lite is due to release on October 22nd. This will only be for Windows PC. With port plans to follow to port the game on Linux. By all means check out the Demo. Also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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