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The Escaper escape room game looking at port

 the escaper first person escape room game looking at linux port windows pc

The Escaper is a new first person escape room game for Windows PC, now looking at a port for Linux. Thanks to developer Nocturnal works. The games now live on Steam with Positive reviews.

Nocturnal Works is happy to announce the release of The Escaper. This is a new escape room game for Windows PC. Which also includes realtime 3d graphics that will challenge your skills and wits. Since it’s up to you to discover hidden clues. Then solve challenging physics based puzzles in order to get out. You also have the option to go through the authentic escape room experience. Along with a limited time session or you can enjoy it at your own pace. And find your way out without the pressure of time.

Rightly so, The Escaper is an affordable game. Which is also doing rather well on Steam. So I asked about Linux support in the near future. Here’s what Nocturnal works had to say:

We use Unity engine and we are currently looking into a Linux port.

Since this is not a bad start. It’s a pleasure to see Linux being included for The Escaper already. And also that Unity 3D is the game engine of once again. Which seems to be a trend with a lot of developers. Simple due to being able to create multiplatform ports easier. But I’m also pleased to see the game is reasonably priced. Although, it’s completely untested using Proton. Should you want to submit a report.

The Escaper Trailer


  • Fully 3d realtime detailed graphics.
  • Unique Physics-based puzzles.
  • Intuitive touch controls.
  • Explore four different themed rooms.
  • Carefully hidden clues into the scenery.
  • Atmospheric music and sound effects.

The Escaper is first person escape room game out on Steam. Kicking off the release with Windows PC support. But also looking at porting the game to Linux. And why not, if it’s already successful, bring it to as many platforms as possible. We will have more details coming soon.

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