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The Executioner roleplaying game release date

the executioner roleplaying game release date for linux mac windows pc

The Executioner is an upcoming roleplaying game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the unique development of Lesser Evil Games. Which is coming to Steam this fall. But also has a Demo available.

The upcoming roleplaying game The Executioner. Fuses elements of a traditional RPG with investigation. Which also includes exploration and moral decision making. And now has a release date of September, 25th.

The Executioner puts players in the shoes of a killer. Who also tortures and executes people. Trying to hold onto his own sanity.

“We’ve decided it needs a little sharpening before release,” wrote the team on Twitter. “We hate to delay release – but promise the experience will be better for it.”

So now that that the studio has additional time. What’s the deal? Well Lesser Evil Games want to put the game through more beta testing. Since the the team is looking for native English speakers. So they can help ensure that the English version is good. At least getting a better quality game before the launch.

The Executioner Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

The Executioner will be a multi part epic adventure. This also takes place in the cruel and unforgiving political medieval times.
Starting with the base game. This brutal story will follow the newly appointed Royal Executioner. While on a journey to retain his sanity in the darkest of times. Since you are in the shoes of a man who tortures people.

Inviting players to take on the role. The executioner must also get a signed confession. Before he putting people to death. And there are many means of gaining such a document. Not all of them pleasant.


  • Your own torture chamber – study your victims. Find their weak spot. And use your extensive arsenal (or their loved ones) to break them.
  • An occult underground – a town filled with rich mysticism. All built around Medieval artefacts. Such as the Hand of Glory, Mandrake Root, and Tarot Cards.
  • A dark economy – a market in dead flesh, with you as the main supplier.
  • A walking lie detector – your character’s unique perceptive abilities. Which also make him a walking lie detector. And opens the door into the occult.
  • Staying sane – as a torturer and executioner. You’ll need to constantly manage your sanity to survive in this world.

The Executioner Steam release date is on September, 25th. The roleplaying game is due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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