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The Falconeer RPG support “isn’t unthinkable”

the falconeer flight rpg support "isn't unthinkable" for linux with windows pc

The Falconeer flight RPG support “isn’t unthinkable” for Linux along with Windows PC. According to developer Tomas Sala. The game is due to release soon via Steam. Not to mention getting a ton of attention.

Welcome to the airborne ocean world fantasy RPG The Falconeer. Where the Seachantress (voiced by Tegan Hitchens) guides player’s throughout the immersive world of the Ursee. While also sharing some of the world’s secrets. Viewers can certainly catch glimpses of third person dogfighting gameplay. Which even comes equipped with devastating ranged weaponry. As well as in-game faction settlements and the oceanic open world landscape that players will traverse.

Soaring to release onto Windows PC via Steam in 2020. Players can expect additional content and updates about The Falconeer’s development in the coming months. Thanks to independent one man developer Tomas Sala. Who is certainly working tirelessly to deliver this beautiful oceanic fantasy to the world. But what does that mean for Linux support?

Linux is super interesting and I know the community is really supportive for any new game making it to their Linux Machines.
Other than that, the engine is Unity3D. So Linux support through that isn’t unthinkable.

Although this is positive news for The Falconeer. Right now, since development is still under way. Sala points out, “I can’t honestly say anything concrete about” Linux just. However, the use of Unity 3D serves up some solid support. At last for anyone eager to support the game by Wishlisting on Steam. Which is what is needed from the community. Unless you also want to show some Tux Love in the Steam Discussion thread. Since the gaming community is already eager to see the release. Why not Linux too?

The Falconeer | The Path Trailer

This trailer for The Falconeer shows short cuts of raw gameplay footage. This comes from the game’s first chapter where players are matched against pirates sailing fast ships in the sea. As well as agile airships. In addition, the trailer provides a look at the Maw. Hence the unnatural canyon of water that spans the length of The Falconeer’s world. As well as the three warmongering rival faction settlements. Which are vying for the mysterious secrets hiding at the Ursee’s unfathomable depths.

The first of these settlements is the Saladmount. A place devoted to harvesting wood like material from the giant fungal sea trees. Which is used as an ultra light building material. Next is the Shard, home to one of the most important Noble houses in the game. House Borgia, which is a place of sharp, imposing rock features. The third is the Imperial Harbour, the largest city of the Ursee and the Royal seat atop Imperial Peak.

The Falconeer flight RPG is available to Wishlist now on Steam for Windows PC. There is certainly hope for Linux going forward with your support.

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