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The Far Rings a FREE visual novel on Steam

the far rings a free visual novel game for linux mac windows pc

The Far Rings is a free visual novel game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to The Far Rings Team of developers for their work. You can check it out for yourself via Steam and Itch.

The Far Rings: A Space Opera Visual Novella has you exploring a cramped spaceship. While you take on the roll of Doctor Athena. The games passionate young woman with mixed alien heritage. Since she is the sole survivor of a mysterious incident. Three days remain on the trip ‘home’. Including the ship’s unsettlingly polite Captain Odysseus. And also the cryptic alien war criminal Chiron as company.
But is everything really as it seems? Wander around the confined spaces of the warship Ithaca. As a result, you will uncover secrets as Athena decides where she truly belongs.

The Far Rings Game Trailer – A Space Opera Visual Novella

Choose your path in this short, densely-packed space opera visual novella. Where one full playthrough can be finished within an evening.
So what consequences will your path lie? Choose wisely in The Far Rings Game. Since your decisions may lead you to one of seven potential endings.


  • Completely free!
  • A 24,000+ word script
  • Partial voice-acting
  • Truly meaningful choices
  • Over half-a-dozen endings
  • Point-and-click game elements
  • Original art, backgrounds, music, and sound
  • One full play-through may reach 2-4 hours
  • Steam achievements! (Currently not functional. Sorry, please be patient :C )

Also, if you want to learn more about The Far Rings game development. The Dev Blog covers quite a bit of detail. Such as the creation of the game backgrounds. The inspiration behind each character is certainly interesting. And likewise, the creation of the full setting. Which I would probably suggest, after playing. 🙂

Since Steam will not currently register achievements right now. The achievement milestones will also be saved with your game. So when the developers fix the problem. They should register and appear in your achievement list.

While this is all well and good. Verion 2.0 is in the works with additional voice-work. Even a possible ‘true ending’ path.

The Far Rings visual novel is available Free on Steam and Itch. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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