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The Fourth Humble Bundle Adds 5 New Games

As has become a customary tactic with the Humble Indie Bundle, the team behind the indie gaming madness has added a bunch of bonus products to their offerings for the last several days of the sale.

Starting today, if you buy the 4th Humble Indie Bundle and you spend more than the average amount spent (currently $5.16), you’ll get the five games that sold in the 3rd Hunble Indie Bundle for free.

Those games?

– Crayon Physics Deluxe
– Cogs
– Hammerfight
– And Yet It Moves

Even better, if you’re into this type of thing, you’ll get the soundtracks for every game in the bundle for absolutely nothing.

If you’ve already purchased the bundle and you paid more than the average amount spent at the time of your checkout, you’ll also be landing these bonus games.

At this point, you can name your price just over $5 and land 12 of the best indie game currently available on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Not doing so would be crazy.

Head to to land the deal.

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