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The Furious Wild expansion pack releases now

the furious wild expansion pack releases for the total war: three kingdoms game on linux mac windows pc

The Furious Wild expansion pack releases now for the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS game on Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to developer CREATIVE ASSEMBLY and Feral Interactive for the port. Now available for all to experience via Humble Store, Steam and the Feral Store.

The Furious Wild brings the first ever map extension to Total War: THREE KINGDOMS. As well as new, unique units. The expansion pack also sees a distinctive culture, the Nanman. While they emerge from the dense and dangerous jungles of southern China. Looking to spell an end to the reign of the arrogant northern warlords.

Four new factions are playable, each with distinct warlords, strategies and mechanics. Ferocious tigers and thundering elephant mounted warriors. All among over 25 new units available to players. As you work to terrorise enemies.

The Furious Wild has you command the might of the Southern tribes. All while exploring new areas of the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS map. Letting you game on Linux and Mac now. So, can you unify the tribes and take on the mighty Han? Or will the unrelenting jungles reclaim your crumbling ambitions?

Total War: Three Kingdoms – The Furious Wild out now

  • A New Culture Rises; The Nanman
    THE FURIOUS WILD introduces four new warlords from the Nanman tribes. All as playable factions within the THREE KINGDOMS campaign. Since this features Meng Huo, Lady Zhurong, King Mulu and King Shamoke. Likewise, each of these peerless warriors has unique story arcs and mechanics. As well as victory conditions and units to experience. Separated they are vulnerable, but together, they might just be unstoppable.
  • More Than 25 New Units
    With the might of the tribes and nature at their fingertips. The Nanman force back the unrelating expansion of the Han Empire. While including a host of unique units available for recruitment. From Elephant Riders and Tiger Warriors to the Followers of Flame & the Shields of the South. THE FURIOUS WILD also represents a truly unique addition to warfare in ancient China.
  • Expanded Campaign Map
    The verdant jungles of southern China are a beautiful. Even more, they are a deadly extension of the THREE KINGDOMS campaign map. This expansion includes new territories to explore and conquer. As well as a rework of the entire THREE KINGDOMS campaign map. Since this better represents China and adds greater tactical depth to gameplay.

Game Update and Free Content included

  • Free Content
    All players of THREE KINGDOMS will be able to gain access to a brand new character. Doing so in the form of Shi Xie. This influential member of the imperial government sits far from the imperial capital. Due his learning how to make the most of the power he exerts in his remote province. As as a result manipulates Han and Nanman alike to increase his reach.
  • Game Update
    The Furious Wild also welcomes in the next update for all THREE KINGDOMS players. Patch 1.6 certainly grants access to several new features. Which should also be included in the game. Such as gate battles and flame firing Juggernaut artillery. Due to a front end rework and much more. Additional details on the accompanying patch can be found here.

The Furious Wild expansion pack releases for the game on Linux and Mac along with Windows PC. Now available for all to experience via Humble Store, Steam and the Feral Store. Due note, Steam does offer a 10% discount off the $18.99 USD / £14.99 / €18,99 price.

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