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The Hand Of Glory passes Kickstarter funding

the hand of glory passes kickstarter funding for linux mac windows pc

The Hand of Glory is a puzzle adventure past funding on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developers Madit Entertainment and Daring Touch. The project also has a live Demo available. Which helps lends to the crowdfund campaigns success.

The Hand of Glory has passed the €8,000 goal. The campaign now sits at roughly €8,182 (at the time of writing). Passing the basic stretch. Working it’s away up to the €8,500 mark. Hoping to fund an extended soundtrack.
Since the Linux and Mac support is already confirmed. Hence the statement, “Our community has spoken and we listened.” Where the developer also tested both platforms to confirm.

The Hand of Glory is an adventure game. One that also takes inspiration from the golden age of point and click. Especially by games like the Broken Sword and Gabriel Knight sagas. Which also gives you a solid idea of what you can expect.

The Hand of Glory Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


The Demo is also live via the campaign page. You can play the Windows demo via Wine. Which is also very playable for a DRM-free version. Just run “wine thog_demo.exe” in the “thog_demo” directory. Or use the Steam version and play using Proton.

Find out who kidnapped Elke Mulzberg and unveil a mystery:

  • More than 15 hours of The Hand of Glory gameplay
  • Thousands of dialogue lines
  • Dozens of puzzles to solve
  • Control Lars and Alice and explore Miami and Italy in wonderful 2D Full-HD locations
  • Original atmospheric soundtrack and full English voice-over

So the full game will have a great deal more. Since you will have that 15 hours worth of adventure. And The Hand of Glory also has over 230 backers already. The maiden adventure of MadIt Entertainment and Daring Touch. This has already warmed gamers to the idea of stepping into the shoes of Lazarus Bundy. So you can follow him in his travels between the streets of Miami and Italy.

The pursuit doesn’t stop here, though. With still more than a week to go for The Hand of Glory. There are plenty of stretch goals to reach to enrich the game. Making this adventure even more unforgettable.

And the surprises are not over, either! A new pledge gaol, NEWSWORTHY, has just been added. This will enable you to be featured in the Miami Harbinger. The game’s daily newspaper. Go check out all the rewards before they run out, because they’re limited.

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