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The Hand of Merlin developers to look at support

the hand of merlin rogue-lite rpg game developer will look at linux support with windows pc

The Hand of Merlin rogue-lite RPG game developer will look at Linux support with Windows PC. Due to recent details from Room-C Games. Currently available via Steam Early Access, GOG, and Humble Store. Along with 80% Very Positive reviews.

Independent developer Room C Games in co-production with Croteam announced their latest major content update. Due to be available for their rogue-lite RPG game The Hand of Merlin. Doing so before the game leaves Steam Early Access in early 2022.
Titled ‘Gathering of the Gods’ the latest update that introduces new features to the game. Including two new Guardians to aid players in their quest to stop the Cataclysm: Oberon and Atlantes.

On top of this news, we have a recent developer update via Steam, outlining Linux support.

….one of our programmers is going to be looking at it this/next week. And we’ll be pushing the QA to start looking at linux again. They already did some work before and the game does work for the most part. We just need to do a dedicated pass over it on our side to iron everything out.
It’s likely that if we decide to release on all platforms at the same time, Linux / Mac will be included. Worst case is we release on steam ahead of time, and do the other ones a bit later.

So apparently the developers have not forgotten about Linux support for The Hand of Merlin. Until the recent Discussions post, now offering some attention and detail towards port. Especially since Proton is more of a hit and miss. There are native libraries already available with the current install. Worst case, an official post launch Linux build.

The Hand of Merlin – Official Launch Trailer

As the king of faeries, Oberon communicates only through an emissary but watches the battlefield closely. Treating the flora and fauna well gains his favor and raises the player’s Faerie Reputation. The value of which can produce either a blessing or a curse upon the party later on in The Hand of Merlin.

Atlantes is a cosmic being like Merlin himself, but one who is not really bothered by the fall of each world. Amused by Merlin’s desire to save worlds, Atlantes provides aid to the party but conceals his true motivations. Since each Guardian bestows a unique benefit upon the party, and gives players access to an array of powerful spells. All due to thwart the invading abominations.

The Gathering of the Gods update also adds a brand new Nourishment system. This is an upgrade to the current Supplies resource. Players will now get stacking buffs (or de-buffs) based on how long they travel well-stocked or poorly stocked. These attributes will affect Heroes’ combat stats in a big way.

New Relics are also introduced in the update. Along with sound effects for encounter events and improved visual effects for several existing spells. In addition to these new features, the latest update will also include various small bug fixes. As well as optimizations and balancing.

Early Access Updates:

Since entering Early Access in May 2021, The Hand of Merlin has had five major updates on its path to 1.0. These updates have add a wide range of new features designed to improve the overall player experience. This includes new heroes, passive skills, Hard Mode, controller support, alternate maps, meta progression, and more.
Now official Linux and even Mac support is looming besides Windows PC. The full release is due to arrive in the early part of this year. The rogue-lite RPG game is priced at $24.99 USD / £18.99 / 22,49€. Available on Steam Early Access, GOG, and Humble Store. Should you choose to try your hand try your hand at Proton support.