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The Hand of Merlin to get a compatibility update

the hand of merlin rpg game to get compatibility update for linux mac windows pc

The Hand of Merlin RPG game to get a compatibility update for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from developers Room-C Games and Croteam. Which is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Independent developer Room C Games released a major content update last month. Making further changes to their rogue-lite RPG game The Hand of Merlin. While development further aligns itself for the forthcoming 1.0 launch.
However, emailing back and forth with Room-C Games, they have further plans for Linux. Compatibility being the main focus.

…we’ve switched our build server from Ubuntu 20.04 to Debian 8.0 (released in 2015).

This should help us run on a much wider range of distros.

So there are more compatibility changes coming for The Hand of Merlin on Linux. Largely due to a GLIBC version mismatch. There is also a big update due on March 30th, so keep an eye out for that. When the patch goes live, Debian 8.0 will be in place. So for all of those players who can’t launch the game on Linux. This will certainly be a big fix for anyone running Ubuntu 18.04 based distro’s.
If this is you, you can also try GE-Proton7-8 or the latest GE-Proton7-9 instead. I’ve been able to run the game on Proton for months without issue. But the Glorious Eggroll build may offer further fixes.

The Hand of Merlin – Official Launch Trailer

One of last month’s update also came with a host of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Which also splits the The Hand of Merlin easy mode into two options, easy story, and easy roguelike. The easy story mode presents the easiest option for players looking for a more story led experience. With a lot less tests to the gameplay experience. While easy roguelike on the other hand presents a good starting point for newcomers. So you can get into the tactical or roguelike games, but still want to test your skills.

The Hand of Merlin is a turn-based rogue-lite RPG in which Arthurian legend clashes with sci-fi horror. Players recruit three mortal heroes on a daring journey from Albion to Jerusalem. All due to explore richly- magined medieval lands on the brink of apocalypse – assaulted by an otherworldly evil. Written by Jonas Kyratzes (The Talos Principle, Serious Sam 4). The Hand of Merlin is a story inspired by Arthurian legend but with an unusual twist. One that also introduces a wholly unique sci fi element to its storytelling.

The Hand of Merlin RPG game to get a compatibility update is due March 30th. But you can purchase the Linux build on both Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $24.99 USD / £18.99 / 22,49€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.