THE HARVEST new hero shooter seeks requests

the harvest new hero shooter game seeks requests for linux beside windows pc

THE HARVEST the new hero shooter games coming to Windows PC, but with support, Linux too. Thanks to details from developer The Breach Studios. A Battle Royale style game coming to Steam Early Access.

THE HARVEST is a fresh new take on Class-Based Hero Shooters. So you can fight along with your teammates. These also range from different civilizations. Facing other players to take control of the universe’s essence. While you define your combat style as you play. Gaining and combining different abilities. So you can become the last squad standing. This is a new sci-fi universe and THE HARVEST has begun.
So the only missing here is Linux support. Here’s what developer Breach Studios has to say.

The Harvest is an Unreal Engine 4 game. About the Linux version. For now, our main focus is the Windows version. But we’ll have in mind Linux and Mac version in the future. If the community requests.

Clearly, and yet again, Unreal Engine 4 is the game engine of choice. Naturally, we would probably expect a native port, right? Well this is the other issue we face for Linux games, the demand. Which is exactly what the developers want to see. You can share you Tux Love via the Steam Discussion I created. And you can also Wishlist the game.

The Harvest Game – Pre-AlphaTrailer

Dynamic Class-Based System
The Harvest goes beyond the common class systems. Changing up the shooter genre thanks to the Dynamic Class-Based System. Choose your Breacher, select your base set-up. While you build your full potential during combat. All in a flexible abilities system.

Embrace your squad
During The Harvest teamwork is rewarded. So all your teammates will benefit from the resources you get. Control the key zones of the map to gather enough resources and upgrade your Breacher. To survive The Harvest you will have to team up with your mates. And maybe build the best strategy. But if things get messy. You can always use the “Respawner” to revive the fallen.

The Essence of Origin
Origin is an uninhabited planet that contains the remains of an ancient civilization. One that also controlled the most precious substance in all of creation, the Essence. The planet is a zealous protector of the Essence. While opening itself at undetermined intervals and for an undetermined time span. During this exceptional period. You can certainly expect different civilizations from the Galaxy send their best Breachers. All fighting for the Essence. This event is known as “The Harvest“.


  • A new class-based hero-shooter.
  • Improve your skills and stats during combat.
  • Battle Royale mechanics.
  • Choose your gameplay from 8 different Breachers.
  • Squads of 3 Breachers.
  • 30 players per match.
  • A new and rich sci-fi universe.

A new sci-fi universe
The Harvest is a new IP created from scratch with deep lore. While including different civilizations, heroes, and conflicts. Along with risk taking and, maybe, chivalric romance in its background. Discover all the stories about each Breacher. Including their civilizations and motivations to risk their lives in The Harvest. Therefore, to find your most suitable Breacher. You will be among the different civilizations in this new space opera.

The Harvest new hero shooter is announced for Windows PC. But also seeks that support for Linux as well. And this time, there is no release date or price available. So this gives us time to spread the word.

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