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The Heirloom thriller passes funding goal

the heirloom mysterious thriller adventure game passes kickstarter funding goal for linux mac windows pc

The Heirloom mysterious thriller adventure game passes Kickstarter funding goal for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative inspiration from developer Babubi Games. Still going strong in the crowdfunding campaign .

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the mysteries and tales of Scotland, then The Heirloom is the adventure you’re looking for on Linux. Think about this: deep in the Scottish Hebrides, which are a bunch of islands off the coast of Scotland, there’s a story waiting to unfold.

The Heirloom, its debut mysterious thriller adventure game inspired by the setting of the Hebrides and Scottish folklore, has successfully crossed the initial funding goal of $33,000 USD. Confidently heading towards achieving the remaining stretch goals. And, at the $40,000 funding mark, one of the best Scottish composers will work on the soundtrack of the title.

The Heirloom story follows Marla, a 16-year-old, and her younger brother Jack suddenly find themselves without parents. It’s heartbreaking, but they soon find they have to move in with their only living relative – a rather cranky old man. This isn’t your typical grandparent’s house, though. He’s got secrets; big ones. The place he’s been living is old and has an eerie feel to it, almost like those haunted houses you read about in stories.

But here’s The Heirloom twist. Marla and Jack didn’t move to a bustling city or a quiet suburb. Nope, they ended up in a remote town somewhere in the western part of Scotland. It’s so remote, in fact, that there’s an ocean separating them from their previous life. And their new town has some spine-chilling stories of its own.

The Heirloom Kickstarter Trailer

Once they settle in, weird stuff starts happening. Strange occurrences that the few people living on the island pretend not to notice. But how can you ignore something that’s so… out of the ordinary? Especially when it’s right in your new backyard?

The The Heirloom adventure is all about digging into the past. especially concerning a certain old lighthouse owned by their grandfather. Imagine going on an epic quest where every choice you make has an outcome. It’s like one of those “choose your own adventure” stories, but with a lot more depth and surprises.

Now, The Heirloom artwork in this adventure is something special. It’s hand-drawn, which gives it a unique touch. Plus, there are interactive scenes that make this title more engaging. The dialogues? They’ll make you think, laugh, and sometimes even scratch your head.

By the way, if you’re a fan of voice overs, then there is a bonus. Talents like Rebecca Wang and Andy Mack lend their voices to the main characters, adding an extra layer of depth.

When the mysterious thriller adventure finally releases on Steam in October 2024, you’ll have the option to explore The Heirloom tale in nine different languages. From English and Spanish to Korean. It’s coming out on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So, whether you’re into unraveling mysteries or just looking for a unique adventure, The Heirloom is worth backing. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

Due Note, when pledging support, you’ll be able to choose your gaming platform, either Steam or Epic Games Store.

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