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The Hex multi genre murder mystery releases

the hex multi genre murder mystery releases on linux mac windows

The Hex is a murder mystery multi genre game that releases on Linux, Mac and Windows today. Now available from developer Daniel Mullins Games on Steam.

The Hex gameplay takes place in a creaky old tavern. Since this represents a forgotten corner of the video game universe. A storm is raging.
Then the barkeep gets a patchy phone call. Since it hard to tell what the caller is saying. This much is clear: someone in The Six Pint Inn is planning a murder.

So there are six patrons; all of them are video game protagonists trying to escape their past. Since The Six Pint Inn has a way of bringing back old memories. Each flashback plays out in an entirely different genre. And sometimes blending multiple.

Therefore, by exploring these memories you may discover the identity of the murderer. Or you may learn much darker secrets in the game. This is a very unique and mysterious take on using multiple genres. And definitely worth the adventure.

The Hex multi genre murder mystery Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In The Hex you will…

  • Control the six patrons and explore The Six Pint Inn
  • Delve into the memories of these cast-aside game protagonists to learn the truth of their past
  • Learn the identity of the would-be murderer… as well as the victim

This is a unique exploration opportunity for anyone who gets bored easily. Bringing together platforming, first person adventure and even delving into a few beloved games you may recognise. Sorry, no spoilers.

So depending on your style of gameplay. What you could expect in this murder mystery is included. Also the release has day-one native support. And a huge kudos to Daniel Mullins Games for keeping up that Tux Love.

Available releases:

The Hex is releases now for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also priced at $9.99 USD on Steam.

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