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The Humble Weekly Sale: Multimedia Fusion 2 Bundle

How one judges the quality of an #indie game #bundle has changed over the years. It used to be that you just said a bundle was good if there were some cool games in it. Now you have to consider whether the games available in the bundle have been bundled before, and how many times. So, consider this week’s Humble Weekly Sale a good one as the majority of the games haven’t been bundled/on #sale before, or not very many times, and they’re all pretty good.

As this is a weekly sale (carefully not using the word “bundle”), you’ll only get a chance to grab this deal over the next seven days. Mind-blowing! As with the Humble Bundles, you pay what you want for the games. However, if you pay $6 or more, you get more games than if you play less than $6 (we’ll go over what you get in a second). And trust me; it’s worth paying the $6, considering what you get for it in this sale. You can also split the money between the developers, the Humble Bundle organizers and Child’s Play, as well as the EFF.

The theme of this week’s Humble Weekly Sale is Multimedia Fusion 2, which is fitting, considering Indie Statik had a look at 167 fantastic indie games that were created using Multimedia Fusion just the other day. All of the games in the sale are made using Multimedia Fusion 2. Oh, and do note that the first item on the list isn’t a game; it’s actually Multimedia Fusion 2, so perhaps you could make your own game using it. Although no confirmation of a native Linux port, it is said to be supported using java.

Let’s have a look at what this apparently “ruddy good” line-up is then, according to no one other than me.

      Pay over $6, and you’ll get the above games and the ones below!

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