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The Ice Update comes to Monster Prom

the ice update comes to monster prom for linux mac windows pc

The Ice Update comes to Monster Prom for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Beautiful Glitch. Which you can check out now on Humble Store, with a big discount on Steam and GOG.

The Ice Update should peak your interest. And according to the Monster Prom developers, Santa is coming by twice. Not because anyone was extra nice or anything. This is due to the star of a new plotline. Which is very, very demanding.

Monster Prom is a competitive dating sim. This also features mature themes and objectively bawdy scenarios. So gameplay is not suited for the meek or the faint of heart. Since you have to get into the groove of the local monster high-school. Playing through hundreds of events. This will branch into 1000+ possible situations. And of course, the Ice Update adds even more.

Monster Prom | Teaser Trailer

The Ice Update gifts:

  • A BRAND NEW PLOTLINE ​- A special celebration for a special someone. The Ice Update is just in time for the Winter Holidays! (this should get released more closely to Christmas)
  • WARM AND COZY SEASONAL OUTFITS​ – Dahlia, Dmitri, Zoe and Calculester have already gotten new winter threads. Check them out in-game!
  • MOD TOOL ACCESS FOR EVERYONE​ – The Monster Prom Mod Tool (Linux too) is also finally getting its full release. Everyone should have access to the tool. Once the game downloads the Ice Update. Need a small crash course on how it works? Please check out the neat little manual, right here.
  • HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS -​ Love don’t come cheap, except when it does.
    1. Monster Prom, the base game, is 50​ % off
    2. Second Term, the DLC, comes with a 25​ % discount
  • NEW BUNDLE -​ Great news for new students. As Monster Prom and Second Term finally become a couple in the first ever bundle. Entitled “The First Crush”.​

Check out the Ice Update for Monster Prom. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Available on Humble Store, but there is a 50% discount on Steam and GOG. Dropping the priced down to $5.99 USD.