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THE INVITATION first person MMO hits Kickstarter

the invitation first person mmo hits kickstarter on linux mac windows pc

THE INVITATION first person MMO hits Kickstarter for Windows PC, but also has Linux and Mac plans. Thanks to developer tool1. Who just launched the crowdfunding campaign with a $129,610 goal USD. And the game looks stunning.

The Kickstarter campaign for THE INVITATION looks visually promising. Their Unreal Engine 4 game concept shows: even now you can reinvent a game genre. And their Discord shows: the players are ready for a new take on MMOs.

At the beginning we plan to release on PC only. Once we have enough resources to test Mac and Linux ports. We will go for them as well. Although it is not yet clear when this can happen.

The Kickstarter campaign of THE INVITATION basically shows two things:

1. the goal to maximize player interaction

In THE INVITATION the environment and the players dynamically create quests.
Basically every element in this game leads to player interaction.

How exactly these elements come together in game, the developers explain on their Discord based on the many community questions. It doesn’t take long to realize: Nothing in this game is decided randomly. Everything is ought to help to a more rich player interaction:

Their ressource system gives players an actual motivation to be nice to each other. The bounty quests offer their community a dynamic law system. And even the way they plan to go from closed testing to official launch is based on a healthy community design.

All these details add up and give hope this game will show us a whole new kind of MMO.

2. feasibility through modular game development

Initially, THE INVITATION is a surprisingly small game. The vision of this game is mainly based on player interaction and a strong game design concept.

THE INVITATION first person MMO Kickstarter Trailer

The developers decided to focus on a solid base game and start just with what is core for this game.
Once this base is available, they plan to add more and more content in small steps. While the community can start testing the game. The developers plan to add these “roadpoints” over the next years as free add-ons. While the first roadpoint is on the Kickstarter page already. Hence The Plague, which adds a new mechanic and experience, that is supposed to strengthen the solidarity of the players. Aliens start to spread across the world and hunt players. If the players do not keep them in check these “spore crawlers” might become a bigger problem for everyone.

These THE INVITATION roadpoints will come with by thematically fitting content. This way there are plans not only for additional events. But also new mechanics, abilities, weapons, items and special locations.
To create a base for this modular approach. The developers launched a Kickstarter campaign. Once this foundation is fun and consistent. The developers want to successively issue these planned roadpoints. In the meantime, the Kickstarter backers can start to test.

The game idea, even the whole approach of how this game is realized. While the interaction with the community gives a reason to hope for more news from the developer studio tool1.
To get access to the first person MMO alpha tests for THE INVITATION. You can back the Kickstarter until June 4th. And get a game key and all Kickstarter exclusive content for 20 Euros ($22 USD). Including all roadpoints as well. The Alpha is planned for May 2021 on Windows PC. And once resources are available, also Linux and Mac. Yet the campaign does not specify a game store.

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