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The Jackbox Party Pack 10 uncovered!

the jackbox party pack 10 game reveals details of what is coming to linux mac windows pc

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 game reveals what is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to Jackbox Games, their continual creativity and hard work never cease to impress. Likely due to make its way onto Steam and Humble Store, but no page listings yet.

Let’s plunge into the vortex of The Jackbox Party Pack 10, guaranteed to ramp up the thrill on Linux.

So, let’s start off with Tee K.O. 2. (3-8 players). Imagine stepping onto Tee Shirt Island, bursting with a new league of characters, and an armory of brand new tools and styles. Where you sketch an insanely hilarious design or crafting a wisecrack slogan. Now, think about these designs and slogans getting reshuffled, and you getting a chance to combine them to form the ultimate attire. Could be a tshirt, a hoodie, or even a sweater. The Jackbox Party Pack 10 audience then casts their votes, and the most laugh inducing, jaw dropping, or downright ludicrous design takes the win. Plus, there’s a new final round, a showdown, determining who’s the absolute Tee Shirt champ.

Moving on, we’ve got FixyText (3-8 players). This The Jackbox Party Pack 10 segment is pretty much the digital embodiment of a chaotic group chat. Since the goal here is to stir up a creative response to a crazy message within a tight time frame. Think fast, make ’em laugh, while you grab the most votes to rule the round.

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 | Coming this fall

Next up is Hypnotorious (4-8 players), where the hypnotic action really levels up. You’re ushered into a virtual stage show, given a new persona, and then it’s a guessing game. You try to suss out the identities of your friends, all while keeping your own undercover persona. The catch is to group up based on similarities you perceive, with the trick being, one of you doesn’t fit in. So you have to spot the Outlier, or risk losing points in The Jackbox Party Pack 10.

Timejinx (1-8 players), is all about the magic of time travel. Imagine relaxing with friends on trivia night, hosted by the snarky Jerri Rigg. The challenge? Answering multiple-choice questions about the dates of historic events. The twist? The lowest score is the winning score.

Last but not least, we’ve got DoDo Re Mi. Here, your phone is your lifeline, your The Jackbox Party Pack 10 instrument. So picture yourself as a bird in a band, making music to feed a hungry jungle plant and hold off becoming its dinner. With a medley of original and familiar tunes, you’ll choose your instrument, jam, and even hear your fellow band members. It’s about making sweet harmonies and working together in real time.

So, The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is a rollercoaster ride. It’s fun, fast-paced, and all about quick thinking, creativity, and friends. Due to make its way onto Linux, with Mac and Windows PC. Remember, gaming is all about playing hard, laughing hard, and most importantly, fun. Due to make its way onto Steam and Humble Store. Releasing in October 2023.

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