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The Journey Down: Chapter Three now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Point-and-click noire #adventure The Journey Down has launched a Kickstarter looking to funding its #third and final #chapter to the series.

Swedish developer SkyGoblin originally released the first chapter in 2012, the second in 2014, both which are available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC plus iOS.

Inspired by oldschool Lucasarts adventures like Grim Fandango and Monkey Island, The Journey Down follows a down on his luck mechanic, Bwana, as he gets pulled into a web of corruption in a glamourous jazzy metropolis.

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“The story and design for Chapter Three is already in place and we’re really excited to start actual production. We know every location, character and puzzle that will be there and we know just how we want to put it all together.

The third chapter will cover more ground than the previous chapters so expect a wide variety of locations and landscapes. Rather than having the story revolve around a central geographical point, the game will carry the player through the environments and places that haven’t been seen before.”

Developer Theodor Waern, who provided The Journey Down with its story and art, spent some time in Zambia in his youth, while writer and programmer Mathias Johansson lived in Chonyonyo, Tanzania where he worked on his Master’s thesis.


To remain authentic to the culture, SkyGoblin spent a couple of months in Africa to get immersed in the Swahili culture.

Reserve The Journey Down: Chapter Three for $11 with an estimated September 2016 release, or buy the whole trilogy for $24. Early birds can even get get a discounted deal for $18. That is, if you do not already own the previous games.

The Journey Down: Chapter Three has 23 days to go and almost funded. Pledge and pick up your copy for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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