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The Kindred creative sandbox game developer walkthrough and coming to Steam soon


Kick back with a nice sandbox game. Watch the developer walkthrough as she #explains how you can build, craft and farm you way towards civilization in the quaint world of The Kindred.

Current Features:

  • Create Together: Survive solo or build with friends as you construct your city and shape your world block by block. (Multiplayer is currently a feature in progress and you may experience connectivity issues and it can be unstable. We are working hard on updating and refining it throughout development.)
  • The Industrial Evolution: Power your village with wind turbines and design an efficient electrical network.
  • Hunter Gatherer: Hunt and herd animals into paddocks to supply your people with meat, eggs and milk.
  • Breed & Feed: Manage farms with crops, breed and care for your animals and balance production to keep your Kin fed.

Development Roadmap:

  • The Circle of Life: Create the ideal environment for families to form and flourish – a complete lifecycle.
  • The Modern Trade: Modern tool upgrades for experienced craftsmen, including chainsaws, jackhammers, and nail guns.
  • Climate & Seasons: Construct heaters and air conditioning units to combat the effects of hypothermia and heat exhaustion.
  • Unique Biomes: An ever-expanding world, with woodlands, desert, alpine and more to come.
  • Energy: Power your cities with solar panels, coal power plants and other ways both green and dangerous.
  • Health and diseases: Craft medicines to heal sickness like influenza or food poisoning.
  • Hydration and Water: One of the most basic needs of life.
  • Predator and Prey: Protect your livestock from foxes, and encounter dangerous beasts.

The Kindred is coming to Steam very soon for Windows, with a Linux build in tow. We have reached out to Nkidu Games to confirm a specific release date of the native build, so stay tuned.

For more information, head over to and find the game on Twitter​.

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