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The Kindred voxel sandbox launches on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


The Kindred — a game being published on #Nkidu — is out now on Early Access, for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A rather impressive and very #creative sandbox #game set in a vibrant voxel world.

Start with the bare essentials and lead the Kin’s upstart civilization to peace and prosperity.  Explore new lands, discover resources, grow plants and raise animals to grow your village. Survive through the harsh winters, devastating diseases, sweltering heat, and myriad other challenges posed by an unforgiving procedural world.

Build, craft and farm your way towards civilization as you help the Kin to survive and thrive.

  • Create Together: Survive solo or build with friends as you construct your city and shape your world block by block. (Multiplayer is currently a feature in progress and you may experience connectivity issues and it can be unstable. We are working hard on updating and refining it throughout development.)
  • The Industrial Evolution: Power your village with wind turbines and design an efficient electrical network.
  • Hunter Gatherer: Hunt and herd animals into paddocks to supply your people with meat, eggs and milk.
  • Breed & Feed: Manage farms with crops, breed and care for your animals and balance production to keep your Kin fed.

It’s a bargain in Early Access at just $14.99, plus a 10% launch discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The price will end up going up as development progresses.


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