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The King’s Campaign is due to be playable

the king's campaign 4x grand strategy game is due to be playable on linux and steam deck via windows pc

The King’s Campaign new 4x grand strategy game is due to be playable on Linux and Steam Deck via Windows PC. Bad Logic Studios has provided additional details that shed more light on the upcoming release. Due to makes its way onto Steam next month.

Exciting news for all the strategy fans out there. Two development studios, Bad Logic Studios, and Reverie World Studios, are teaming up to create the medieval strategy The King’s Campaign. Due to release on July 13th, 2023, via Steam.

The King’s Campaign is actually an improved version of a popular Medieval Kingdom Wars. The developers are taking the Royal Blood DLC campaign and making it into a separate, standalone release. They’ve also added some new features like a bigger map and even a zombie mode if you’re into that.

We are confident that The King’s Campaign will be playable on Steam Deck too, and should therefore be playable on Linux using Proton.

According to the email reply, the upcoming launch will be Playable on Linux. The developers are focusing their efforts to craft The King’s Campaign using their in-house Mithrill engine. Which has received big updates for the Kingdom Wars series. In terms of Proton support, the Linux compatibility ranges from bronze to platinum, offering a decent playing experience.
However, it would be wise for the dev’s to invest some further effort into getting a “Verified” status for Steam Deck.

The King’s Campaign Release Date Trailer

So, imagine you’re a king ruling over a kingdom in medieval times. Your goal is to conquer lands in Europe and North Africa. To do that, you’ll need to build up your cities, talk to other rulers, and command your armies. All due to protect your kingdom and expand your empire. Since it puts you in charge of a full kingdom as you go on epic adventures.

The great thing about The King’s Campaign is that it’s been designed in a unique way. Since it won’t mess up the progress of players who have already been playing Medieval Kingdom Wars. See, if they updated the original 4x grand strategy game, it could mess up all saves for thousands of players. So, by making The King’s Campaign a separate version, they can add new features without causing any problems.

Some of the updates include a new and improved tech tree. Due to giving players more to research and unlock in the 4x grand strategy game. They’ve also made it easier to save your progress so you can pick up where you left off.

If you already own Medieval Kingdom Wars and just want the new content, you can buy the DLC separately. But The King’s Campaign is really meant for new players who haven’t played the 4x grand strategy game before and want a fresh start.

Mark your calendars for July 13th, 2023, and get ready to dive into the exciting world of The King’s Campaign. Build your kingdom, lead your armies, and conquer new lands. Due to be playable on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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