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The Last Broadcast launches – This War of Mine

this war of mine the last broadcast coming to linux mac windows

This War of Mine: Stories – The Last Broadcast launches today on Linux, Mac and Windows. Bringing a host of new chances and a story. Available now on SteamGOG and Humble Store.

Since everything began after the first episode, Father’s Promise. Where 11 bit studios are working with the exceptionally talented game writer Meg Jayanth. Also most known for 80 Days.
So now we have the new story for This War of Mine. Following a scenario by Meg, presenting players with The Last Broadcast. The very latest instalment to This War of Mine: Stories.

The Last Broadcast launches with a lot of new content with different endings. Also new gameplay mechanics, new moral dilemmas about telling the truth. All of which influences the world, new playable civilians, a new shelter people can live in. And also new sites of the city of Pogoren to visit.

The pressure is on for 11 bit studio, making sure this content is least as good as the other stories in This War of Mine. So for this reason, the community now has a story they expect. And since The Last Broadcast is available now, it’s time to experience The Last Broadcast.

Today also marks the launch and the 4th anniversary of the original release of the game. 11 bit has a new Feature Overview video, so you can learn what The Last Broadcast is all about:

This War of Mine: Stories – The Last Broadcast (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Last Broadcast DLC offers:

  • A brand new story in This War Of Mine universe
  • 7 remastered locations
  • 4 new locations
  • A new shelter
  • Also new playable characters
  • The new radio mechanics
  • Plus a new investigating and reporting mechanics
  • New dilemmas mechanics
  • A non-linear story with 6 different endings

Available launches and price:

This War of Mine: Stories – The Last Broadcast launches today on Linux, Mac and Windows. This new episode is also available for $3.99 USD on SteamGOG and Humble Store. And due to the significant growth of this DLC. The season pass will change from its price of $4.99 to $6.99 USD today.

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