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The Last Cube a sentient puzzle experience

the last cube a sentient puzzle experience for linux mac windows pc

The Last Cube is a new sentient puzzle experience for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Improx Games. Which is listed on Steam, but has yet to announce the release date.

You, the Last Cube, awake to a purpose. Since you have to save this peculiar world from collapsing. Simply by solving puzzle tracks left by your ancestors. This is a three dimensional puzzle game. Which also comes with some incredible innovative mechanics.

In The Last Cube you are a sentient, metallic cube. You ara also lost in this strange world full of mysteries and secrets to find. So you have to venture through six unique areas of the cube-world. As you overcome three dimensional brain teasers. While you collect stickers on the cube’s sides. You also have to use their distinct abilities and progress through each level. Venturing through different atmospheric environments. The Last Cube features over 100 unique puzzles. There are 6 beautiful areas and over 8 hours of gameplay content.

The Last Cube is our largest game project yet,” said Oskari Liukku, Improx Games’s CEO. “Everyone we show it to is amazed by it. We promise to deliver a challenging, but doable puzzle experience. With pretty environments to boot.”

“The response we have so far is incredibly motivating,” added Miika Kanerva, a level designer and 3D artist. “We’re eager to get the game in front of everyone as soon as possible.”

The Last Cube – Announcement Teaser (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • Master mind-bending mechanics:
    Every level also has something new to learn and old to master. As you progress, familiar mechanics return with interesting twists. So utilize every cube trick in your arsenal to overcome challenges.
  • Over 100 increasingly difficult puzzles:
    There are breathers and easier puzzles between difficult sections. They ensure optimal The Last Cube gameplay. Since each level consists of many puzzles. And each level is part of a larger environmental theme. As a result, you will find more puzzles in unlockable bonus levels.
  • Rewarding Exploration:
    Levels are sprawling with secrets. They also have optional challenges for great replayability. There are stories behind the mechanics, places and cubes that you encounter. They are all available in lore entries within each level. Beware though: the secrets range in difficulty. Going from obvious ones to extremely difficult mind bogglers!

The Last Cube sentient puzzle does not have a release date yet. The company has plans to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Along with current generation consoles.

Add The Last Cube to your wishlist on Steam. More info is available on the official website.

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