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The Last Faith metroidvania doing well on Kickstarter

the last faith games is a gothic metroidvania doing well on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

The Last Faith game is a gothic metroidvania doing well on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Kumi Souls Games. The crowdfunding campaign is already 167% funded. Well past the £45,000 ($55,430 USD) funding goal.

The Last Faith is an exploration based Metroidvania, action side scrolling platformer. Which also comes with a dark gothic horror theme at its core. Where an ancient religion once ruled for centuries. The world is now left to its fate. While the once majestic capital with it’s glorious past, now haunted by a fatal disease. Here, our hero Eric will have to subvert the words of the hidden prophecy. And hopefully, discover the truth behind the now corrupted and ravaged world.

Our plan is to release The Last Faith to as many platforms as possible. The main goal will be Steam PC, Nintendo Switch and Playstation, following by the rest such as Xbox One, Mac and Linux.

Since Linux is in the mix. The game will not get a day one release, which is Windows PC. But platform support is confirmed. Making the already successful campaign even more of good choice for Linux gamers. Check out the trailer below.

The Last Faith – Kickstarter Trailer

I will admit The Last Faith has a Dead Cells vibe to it at first glance. Where you can wield one of the variety weapons. Also using elemental buffs to power them up. Casting tons of magic spells available in the giant cathedrals. Then face the beast, slay the horrendous horror feeding on blood. While you travel around the high detailed gothic lands.


  • Satisfying reactive action combat system
  • A high number of different weapons
  • Use of the special buffs to power up you weapons
  • A variety of magic spells to support your combats
  • A giant world with terrific gothic environments
  • Learn a range of new abilities
  • Interact with environment elements
  • Exploration, mysteries and puzzles to solve
  • Unique and creepy enemies
  • A highly detailed pixel art style

The Last Faith is a gothic metroidvania doing well on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign is due to end on Friday, June 19, 2020 10:01 AM EDT. But you can expect the Steam game release to arrive in September 2021. Initially on Windows PC, followed by Linux and Mac. The project is definitely worth a look.

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