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The Last Relic on Kickstarter with a worthy Demo

the last relic is a charming turn based jrpg on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc and demo

The Last Relic is a charming turn based JRPG on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a worthy Demo. Thanks to developer Hallway Games. The crowdfunding campaign is currently 26% funded. Which has less than two weeks to hit the $10,000 USD funding goal.

The Last Relic will have players explore a fantastical world. While fighting monstrous aberrations and interact with a diverse cast of quirky characters in this turn based RPG. While players take on the role of Ellie, a young girl in the quaint town of Haven. Who is now in a world of magic and whimsy. Join a colorful cast of characters while battling through a diverse collection of locales.

The Last Relic | Kickstarter Trailer

In The Last Relic, Ellie is no longer in her cozy, American life to a foreign realm of magic and monsters. Since she is lost and alone, wondering this new land aimlessly. While she hopes to get back home. As a result of Ellie’s exploring, she is attacked by monsters. Here a young man named Dorian rescues her. Realizing how far she is from Earth. Now in the land of Relics and Relic Hunters. Why was she even here? And will she ever make it back home?


  • A character rich, turn based RPG. The Last Relic takes inspiration from Japanese classics such as Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.
  • Battle fierce monstrosities and quirky aberrations with a quick-paced, strategic battle system, awarding players using varied combinations of skills and attacks.
  • Unfold the story through a genre-shifting adventure: gameplay grows, evolves, and alters to present a variety of mechanics to players.
  • A hub-town used as a base to recruit new members, develop and increase social levels with other characters, and even start your own farm!
  • NPCs with personalities. The Last Relic players will meet a diverse cast of distinct personalities. Each with their own backstory and place in lore and world building.
  • Side-quests that matter; every side quest builds by expanding lore. Likewise, offers beneficial rewards no matter how over-leveled you become.
  • Over 15 hours long!

Ever the cornerstones of RPG’s. Each side quest seeks to provide a fun, lore and/or a character building side story for the player. The Last Relic also offers up rewards guaranteed to help on your quest. All side quests matter. So no matter where you are in your quest, they will benefit you in a meaningful way.

The Demo:

  • An exclusive, stand-alone story for the demo!
  • 2-3 hour long Linux, Mac and Windows PC demo on Itch!

The Last Relic charming turn based JRPG still seeking support on Kickstarter. Due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in May 2022. And has less than two weeks to hit that $10,000 USD crowdfunding campaign goal.

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