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The Last Sunshine: Rekindled testing a native port

the last sunshine: rekindled testing a linux port for abstract shmup game with windows pc

The Last Sunshine: Rekindled testing a Linux port for the abstract shmup game with Windows PC. This is due to the creative efforts of developer Four Eyes Productions. Which is currently available on Steam.

Four Eyes Productions is eager to announce their abstract shmup and rogue-lite hybrid The Last Sunshine: Rekindled. Which is available right now on Windows PC, but Linux support is in progress.

…we are actually testing a native Linux build, but we do need more time with it before we eventually release it.

We have however tested the Windows version on Linux with Proton enabled in Steam. And the only issue the tester had (at least so far), was that the intro video did not play (just a black screen). But other than that, the game seemed to run fine. Even with controller as far as I know. It has been limited testing tho with Proton, so your mileage may vary.

So as mentioned, Four Eyes Productions are working on a native Linux build. Means, The Last Sunshine: Rekindled should have a port sometime soon. Although, Proton is an option until that point. Obviously, the developer wants to offer a native port for the Steam Deck over Proton. So you have to give them props for the effort.

The Last Sunshine: Rekindled is a shoot ’em up and rogue-lite hybrid about the heat death of the universe. Play as the last stars of legend struggling against the onslaught of darkness. Level up your stars, earn a variety of skills, then mix and match them with your customized stats. All due to dispatch droves of dark, aggressive enemies.

Will light win against the darkness? It’s the end of the universe!


  • Creatures from the void beyond the stars
    Fight the celestial horrors of darkness in The Last Sunshine: Rekindled. A host of sinister shadows and fiends that lurk in the space between the stars.
  • Burn brightly
    Customize each playthrough with an expansive passive tree. Also full of diverse build choices and powerful combinations to discover. Outrun the darkness and make calculated strikes like lightning, or stride into devastating fire and shrug off all but the heaviest of blows.
  • The Stars of Legend
    Join the The Last Sunshine: Rekindled fight against darkness as one of 5 unlockable characters. Each with unique skills and traits.

    • Sol, our nearest and dearest star.
    • Vega, the retributor.
    • Titan, the behemoth.
    • Callidus, the evasive.
    • Gemini, the binary twins.
  • Rekindle the embers of creation
    Collect stardust and nebulous remnants to power the Stars of Legend. After each The Last Sunshine: Rekindled run, collected stardust is converted into experience to permanently increase stats and unlock new abilities.
  • Biomes of the void
    Three biomes to explore and conquer, with light and dark modes. These will greatly change the difficulty of the game.

The Last Sunshine: Rekindled abstract shmup is the definitive version of The Last Sunshine. Currently available on Steam. With support for Windows PC, but soon to make an appearance on Linux. Priced at $8.99 USD / £6.47 / 7,37€ including the 10$ discount.

Note: “The Last Sunshine” version is no longer being supported. If you purchased “The Last Sunshine” before 2021, we will give you a free copy of The Last Sunshine: Rekindled. Please see our Discord server if you have any questions.

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