The Legend of Vraz adventure coming this year

the legend of vraz adventure coming this year to linux windows games

The Legend of Vraz is a tasty new adventure coming to Linux games this year. According to developer Zatun. Who reached to share the games release. Since the games on Steam. So naturally the question of Linux came up.

The Legend of Vraz is an elegantly simple game. Since it looks easy to learn. But apparently difficult to master. And according to developer Zatun. Any fan who plays it will enjoy it. Since the games already won over thousands of fans worldwide. Mixing a Prince of Persia and Mario meets India theme.

Since The Legend of Vraz is an epic love story. Where Prince Vraz is in love with Princess Avi.
So in order to marry her. He has to successfully perform five tasks. All created by Princess Avi’s father. Wow, no pressure there.

While taking place in the world of castles. Including kings and royal plots. While the Prince braves the world of exotica. Working to win the love for a Princess. But The Legend of Vraz is designed for Windows.

Linux Support:

“It was developed using Microsoft XNA framework. And we have developed a custom editor. As well as an animation tool kit for it. We might be releasing the Linux version later this year.”

So naturally, XNA rings a few bells. Hence the expertise of Ethan Lee. And naturally I replied with the suggestion. But no further reply.
Since Linux support is being consider. Although unsaid, I believe Zatun are looking into getting help. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam and share some Tux Love.

The best part of the games challenges. They keep the excitement without resorting to violence. Which also makes the game suitable for all ages. Which kind of a wacky vibe too. Like a Monty Python platform adventure.

The Legend of Vraz Release Trailer (Windows, coming to Linux)


  • Hours and hours of fun fulfilled exciting gameplay for the entire family.
  • 15 complete levels divided in 4 distinctive exotic worlds.
  • 14 unique AI based enemies; 5 Weapon Upgrades.
  • Exquisite hand painted 2D Art in Indian Miniature Painting style.
  • An incredible soundtrack immersing the player in the game.
  • Suitable for all ages. No blood, violence or obscene language.

Development of The Legend of Vraz keeps a rich Indian backdrop. Maintaining rich folklores. Also winning the Best PC game Award at FICCI BAF Awards.
The highlight of the game is its polished art style. All hand painted 2D graphics. Done in traditional Indian miniature painting style. Including mesmerising gameplay. Which also gives players a unique adventure experience.

The Legend of Vraz adventure is available on Steam. The games priced at $9.99 USD for Windows. But should be playable via Proton on Linux. Although untested.

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