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The Life of Mr Pips is a brave new adventure

the life of mr pips is a brave new adventure game on linux mac and windows pc

The Life of Mr Pips is a brave new adventure game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Snuti. Which is available now on

The Life of Mr Pips is a delightful adventure game. While you play an adorable little strawberry who’s trying to find his place in life. Which also comes to release thanks to Snuti, a husband and wife indie game studio. Launching their first commercial game. And it’s a pleasure to see the studio make a debut with a cross platform title.

Explore a fruitful world as Mr Pips. All so you can find your scattered family. And go leaf rafting with cute blueberries.

The Life of Mr Pips – Game trailer


  • Explore the vibrant seasons in your quest, as a strawberry. While searching for your purpose in life.
  • Parkour your way up steep hills. So you can find and reunite with your family.
  • Chat with the fruity characters on your adventure, as you soak in wisdom and enjoy life.
  • Lose yourself in the moment of leaf rafting with adorable blueberries. without a care in the world.

“The Life of Mr Pips” is a compact experience full of life. With secrets and adventure which can be enjoyed in a short session. Our goal for making “The Life of Mr Pips” was to capture the positive energy of life as we know it. And deliver it in a short and impactful experience.

Similarly, the game has been in development for a year. So the studio has been sharing the process from the start through live streaming on Twitch and videos on YouTube.

The Life of Mr Pips certainly is a brave new adventure on Available now with support for the game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The games also priced at only $8.00 USD.

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