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The Lightbringer puzzle platformer out now

the lightbringer puzzle platformer game releases on linux and windows pc

The Lightbringer puzzle platformer game releases on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Rock Square Thunder. Along with a day one debut on Steam.

Developer Rock Square Thunder are eager to release their poetic puzzle platformer The Lightbringer. The game has been fully written and voiced in verse. The day one release will take players on a wholesome journey. While feating an old school mix of platforming and light combat. Where you are also guided by your sister’s spirit. So you must prevail where she could not. Cleanse the corruption, become The Lightbringer.

The Lightbringer Release Nintendo Switch

The world of The Lightbringer is under siege by malicious corruption. All while targeting the ancient monoliths that gave power and light to these lands. As the chosen one, you also have the ability to harness pure light energy. Doing so from the air, energy that will aid you in cleansing the monoliths. All due to bring back their light.

Explore, jump and fight your way through each level while gathering light motes. Likewise, every level functions like its own little world. So you’ll need to venture off the beaten path in The Lightbringer. Hoping to find enough to cleanse the level’s monolith.

Back in July, the developer Rock Square Thunder offered a Linux version of the demo. This was available for download on the The Lightbringer Demo store page. Alongside the version for Windows. With positive success in testing for the Unity 3D game.


  • An Oldcschool adventure with a fun mix of platforming and light combat
  • A Heartfelt sibling story fully voiced and in verse throughout
  • Explore detailed, bite sized levels full of challenges and collectibles
  • Solve creative puzzles in semi isometric settings with your trusty boomerang

The Lightbringer puzzle platformer game releases on Steam. Priced at $14.99 USD. Along with support for Linux, and Windows PC.

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