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The Longing quiet adventure to release this week

the longing quiet adventure game to release this week on linux mac windows pc

The Longing is a quiet adventure due to release this week on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Studio Seufz. The games coming to Humble Store, GOG and Steam tomorrow, March 5th.

The Longing is an unusual mix of an adventure and an idle game. The player also controls a Shade. One who is told to keep watch of a sleeping King for 400 days. At least until he awakens. Most noteworthy: those 400 days start to count down in real-time.

Therefore, The Longing player will be completely on his own. Lingering in a giant underground cavern. Do you simply want to wait? Maybe you want to build a home for yourself? Or do you want to find a way out of the cave?
As a result, over time, parts of the cave change. The moss and mushrooms grow, spiders craft their webs. Where water drops from the ceiling, stalactites break and fall. It’s a game about loneliness, escapism and the eternal search for purpose. Check out the really long trailer below.

The Longing Official Game Trailer

Just in time for the release on Thursday. The Longing has a new version out. Which features localizations in French, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Also, Russian, Korean and Chinese. Since English and German are the two original languages.

Start The Longing and simply come back after 400 days to see how it ends. You actually don’t have to play the game at all. But the Shade will be even more lonely without you.
Or explore the caves and collect items for your comfortable underground living room. Just send the Shade to take a stroll. The walking speed is slow, but there is no need to hurry.


  • Slow exploration of a vast, hand-drawn cave.
  • Atmospheric Dungeon Synth soundtrack.
  • Various endings.
  • Lots of well hidden secrets.
  • Time-based puzzles.
  • A lonely but cute protagonist.

The Longing quiet adventure begins on March 5th. Likewise, this is the day your 400 day vigil will begin. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $14.99 USD / £12.99 / EUR 14.99. Besides that, you will find the game on strong Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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