The Masterplan tactical squad-based heist game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC on June 4th

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Have you ever walked into a bank and said “Hey, I could totally rob this place”? Of course not. But Shark Punch would encourage you to do so in their tactical #shooter, The Masterplan on #Linux, Mac and Windows. Released on Early Access in September of 2014, the fuly #release is coming on June 4th.

The Masterplan is a tactical squad-based heist game set in a 1970s metropolis, drawing inspiration from iconic heists and gangster silver screen films. Hiring the right goons, getting the tools, and pulling off the perfect score is The Masterplan. You get a unique 2D top-down view of the action, where you must plan and execute the perfect heist with a capable and dastardly crew.

The Masterplan features stylized hand-drawn 2D graphics and fun group control. So unleash your inner criminal mastermind, grab the cash, and get out of dodge before someone calls the fuzz.



  • Plan of Attack – Storm a room with guns drawn and loaded, or take a softer approach by casing the joint and sneaking around the guards. The choice is yours and yours alone. Live with the consequences or die trying!
  • Hold ‘em Up – There’s more than one way to use a gun, and you don’t need to fire a single round to complete a perfect heist. With the unique intimidation system, you’ll be able to command civilians and guards at gunpoint.
  • The Crew – Hire your goons from a varied selection, each character with their own statistics, and manage your crew to be ready for every circumstance. Use the right goons for the job, and you can execute your plan to perfection. Hire the wrong one and see your goons die horribly in a pool of their own blood.
  • Slow It Down – As the mastermind, you have the ability to slow down the time to retake control. Assess the situation and issue new orders to your goons, before going back to standard time.
  • Arsenal Rules – Outfit your squad with a host of lethal and non-lethal armaments; brass knuckles, pistols, tranquilizer guns, shotguns and explosives will all do the trick!
  • Get Pulled In Deeper – As you complete heists, discover clues about bigger scores to be had, all the way to the biggest heist in the history of mankind!





You can find out more information and see more screenshots on The Masterplan’s official site. Plus check out Shark Punch on Twitter and Facebook.

Before you get started, Shark Punch has some important notes below as well as a guide for the game.

General Gameplay Tips:

  • Once your Goon is dead he is dead for good and you have to hire another one.
  • Leaving his body behind counts as evidence so if you don’t pick him up, you lose cash.
  • As the heist master, you have the ability to slow down the time to retake control. Assess the situation and issue new orders to your goons, before going back to standard time.
  • Use threaten a lot, guns don’t need to be fired at all to be effective.
  • While threatened, you can order civilians and guards around, access their inventory and take any action, including hitting each other.
  • In general, civilians only need one gun pointed at them to keep them in line, guards and employees need more.
  • You can lock people in rooms.
  • Screwing up and trying to survive is more entertaining than just hitting reset when things go a bit sideways. (You can reset when all your goons are dead anyway.)
  • Cops are ruthless, you can use civilians as meat shields against them.
  • Use shadows to your advantage. NPC’s can’t spot you in them unless they literally bump into you.
  • You can complete levels multiple times to receive more money for buying items and new goons.
  • You can complete levels in multiple ways. Sometimes stealth is the best option, sometimes being a bully works and sometimes just use plain old firepower.
  • Killing people is bad (and also very expensive)… but sometimes you do it.
  • The police cars are up for grabs.

The Masterplan is definitely a game you want to check out, available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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