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The MOST PIRATED GAME of the year – Football Manager 2013

The video #gaming community, as well as the movie industry or the software #producers , are all confronting with the increasing problem of online #piracy . Sure, there are video games that even pirates are not interested in but still, there are many titles that are being enjoyed by millions of users without a cent being paid for their acquisition. While some of the most recent games break record after record in sales and subscribers, there are many others who make the top of the lists for piracy. One of these games, and probably one of the most pirated games of the year is Football Manager 2013.

According to the official numbers released to the public by Miles Jacobson, producer for Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2013 was illegally downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide. The announcement was made at this year’s London Games Conference. Impressive numbers, especially if we take into account the fact that the game was pirated only six months ago, even though it is available in stores for about a year.

However, the crack that has accompanied the pirated version of the video game Football Manager 2013 was not able to remove completely the game’s protection. Thus, Sports Interactive was able to find the IP addresses of all the “pirates” who preferred to download the illegal version of the game instead of buying it. Of the 10.1 million unauthorized downloads, no less than 3.2 million came from China, 1.05 million from Turkey, 781,785 downloads from Portugal and about 547 000 illegal downloads from Italy including the Vatican City (with one illegal download).

However, Sports Interactive officials maintained their calm, saying that they were not going to take any action against these “pirates”. According to their estimations, only 1.74% of those who illegally downloaded Football Manager 2013 would have bought the game if a crack was not available. Even so, SEGA and Sports Interactive had to face a loss of $ 3.7 million due to the availability of the pirated version.

Only 18% of those who chose to try the pirated version of Football Manager 2013 started the game more than 5 times. Thus, no less than 1.8 million players have enjoyed a product that they have not acquired legally.

What do you think, will Football Manager 2014 suffer the same fate now having a Linux build?

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