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The Netrunner Awaken1ng next level parkour

the netrunner awaken1ng next level parkour game is coming to linux as well as windows pc

The Netrunner Awaken1ng next level parkour game is coming to Linux as well as Windows PC. All due to further details and a brilliant update from developer Cube Overflow. Which is not available on Steam.

French indie game studio Cube Overflow is proud to announce the release of The Netrunner Awaken1ng. This is a 3D die and retry first-person parkour game. Dash through the cyberpunk matrix in search of data. Doing so as you hack into security software and escape before the matrix destroys you. The Netrunner Awaken1ng Demo is available on Steam. Should you want to try it with Proton.

But when it comes to Linux, The Netrunner Awaken1ng will have a native build according to the email reply.

However, I am planning on working on a Linux build after the release of the game.

Developer Cube Overflow is also an avid fan of Linux. Stating, “Linux is the best OS for development in general.” This is true since Unity 3D is the game engine being used. As Cube Overflow shares some kind words about Linux as a gaming platform.
However, The Netrunner Awaken1ng development is a full time commitment as a solo project. It all started from an idea 5 years ago. Then, 3.5 years later, the developer left a stable job to start developing full-time, still solo. But a pleasure to see the devotion for a Linux port after launch.

The Netrunner Awaken1ng – Release Trailer

In The Netrunner Awaken1ng, you play as a hacker who breaks into the Matrix in search of strategic data. As you speedrun, dive, and dash, set to adaptive electro techno music. Hack your way through each procedurally generated level. Doing so in a 3D, retro-neon style matrix, as you rely solely on your parkour skills. Due to hack into these various deadly defense systems. Then steal the data and escape before the Disconnect(), alive. Since you will have to perform some crazy acts.


Constantly adapt to deal with the matrix’s varying defenses against your intrusion.

  • Infinite Runners – Get through the obstacles in The Netrunner Awaken1ng. Doing so as quickly as possible before the Disconnect().
  • Matrices – Catch as much data as possible in the allotted time. Then find the exit by avoiding objects in your path.
  • Variations – Adapt your strategy according to the generated matrix. While you follow the data in order or collect them before the level is destroyed.


  • Dynamic parkour gameplay: speedrun, jump, slide, dive, and dash from wall to wall in the matrix world. Since The Netrunner Awaken1ng offers very reactive and precise controls. Use your multithreaded powers such as Dash333 and Pathfinder(). As you find your way through space.
  • An adaptive music, and added stress: the hyper rhythmic electro-techno music adapts. While the time speeds up due to your progress in each level. Since it’s up to you to always stay in the flow.
  • Against the clock or against the digital avalanche: never stop! Your survival depends on it.
  • Over 50 procedurally generated levels for endless replayability. Since each The Netrunner Awaken1ng level has a brand new game mechanic. Such as immortal enemies, gravity changes, and speed boosters. There are also paths in parallel worlds, firewalls to hack, deadly events, bosses with always one too many phases …
  • Likely deaths. For notable rewards.
  • The quest for being aware of an AIe: A story in the terminal about an AI that seeks to know the origin of its identity. Doing so in a completely virtual and dystopian world.
  • Hack the levels, hack the game: unlock each new level by hacking its secret password in the previous levels. Doing so through an adaptive puzzle.

The Netrunner Awaken1ng next level parkour is live on Steam. Available for Windows PC, but coming to Linux, soon. Try the Demo via Proton to assess your skills. Maybe even Wishlist the game too.