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The new story-driven tactical RPG The Dwarves releases new features video


#KINGArt Games, the developers of the new story-driven tactical RPG The Dwarves for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC, have been celebrating since achieving more than 50% of their $260,000 funding goal in less than a week.

In honor of this achievement a new update has been released that features a video of the #developers explaining many important details about the game, such as:

  • Who is the main hero, Tungdil?
  • What is the game world, Girdlegard?
  • How does the Combat work in The Dwarves?
  • What makes the new developed Crowd Combat System interesting?

Keeping the celebration rolling, since the Crowdfunding campaign is doing so well, KING Art  has also announced a first batch of Stretch-Goals for The Dwarves! Here are some small examples:

  • Local Co-op: a feature requested by many fans
  • New Game modes: such as new game plus or a horde mode
  • Additional Character: made by the Markus Heitz, author of the books, with its own quest-line

More information on the update and the campaign check out the details on Kickstarter.

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