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The Next Generation of Online Multiplayer Mobile Games Debuts at PAX

Founded by online gaming vets Chris Chung and Rick Lambright, Seattle-based startup Motiga aims to revolutionize mobile gaming using its scalable, cloud-based mobile game server technology, the Motiga Infinite Context Engine (MICE), which allows small development teams to create a wide range of real-time mobile multiplayer games faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Motiga will be at PAX this weekend, showing off the first game developed using MICE, Tinfoil Fez’s The LeftOvers.

“Traditionally, creating server infrastructure for a real-time multiplayer game requires a sizable team of highly skilled server developers,” said Lambright. “MICE makes it easy to create real-time multiplayer games for mobile devices. The fact that The LeftOvers is created by a team of three developers is a testament to the ease of use and robustness of our technology.”

With Chung having served as the chief strategy officer for Trion Worlds and the CEO of NCsoft West and Lambright’s 16 years creating MMO servers (from Castle Infinity to LEGO Universe), I’d say if any two guys were going to make mobile online gaming easier to develop, it’s these two guys.

If you’re attending PAX this weekend, be sure to give The LeftOvers a look over. We’ll try and do the same.

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