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The Nightmare Cooperative now available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Surviving in monster-filled #dungeons is stressful enough, but in Nightmare Cooperative for PC, Mac and Linux, perseverance is about more than just your own #survival. You see, your village’s leaders aren’t exactly savvy with budgets. They’ve built monuments for previous Cooperative members, but there are hefty interest rates involved. You’ll need to join the Cooperative and go find some gold to keep the village funded, since they’re unfortunately also in charge of protecting everyone you care about.

Nightmare Cooperative‘s tile-based dungeons are filled with beasts, potions and ever-important bars of gold, but all movement is shared between your party. If you’d like your archer to move up and to the right, that’s fine, but your warrior will follow the same route, assuming there isn’t an obstacle in the way. You can’t always spend a dozen turns regrouping your team either, as fresh enemies will spawn after a set number of turns. Clearing a room is a balance of gathering as much treasure as possible and getting out before a party member is slain. Or guided into a pool of acid.

You might also stumble across previous Cooperative members in your journey, who can be recruited to fight alongside you. Nightmare Cooperative is currently on sale for $8.99 on Steam, but you can buy a DRM-free copy directly from Lucky Frame for $9.99.

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