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The Online Gaming Community – One Person’s Thoughts And Advice

Online Multiplayer. People often dispute the purpose of it; some people claim it to be purely for fun, while others say that it is to play against people who you wouldn’t normally be able to play against (gamers in other countries, for example). Unfortunately, as great a concept as it may be, online multiplayer can have its problems. The purpose of this article is to better educate readers on how to be a better person when dealing with other people in multiplayer, especially if they’re people you don’t know.

Firstly, you have to remember that although you may be experienced in whatever it is you’re playing, others may not be, so try to be understanding if other players are not as ‘skilled’ at the game as you, and realise that when you were new to the game, you didn’t know everything, probably struggled with some things, and may have failed things often. The best thing you can do for these less experienced players is try to remain calm through any of their failings, and help them. The less experienced players will most likely thank you for your help and often greatly appreciate it.

There is, however (unfortunately), a group of people that you will undoubtedly meet in any online game if you play for a long enough period of time. Some call these people “trolls,” and they are widely known because they seem to play online multiplayer games purely to annoy or upset others. Thankfully, many games now have options to “mute” players so that you cannot receive any kind of message from them; this is most likely the best way to deal with these kind of people if and when you come across them. They generally have a level of immaturity that is difficult to deal with otherwise, so ignorance or the “mute” feature is likely the best option.

Some of the aforementioned trolls may not even realize that what they are doing will bother other players, and there are a few easy ways to avoid other players thinking negatively of you, or not wishing to play with you again because of your actions. First, as mentioned in the second paragraph, be understanding of the newer or less skilled players. Complaining at them or blaming them for their mistakes constantly will not help anything. Trying to help other players is also a good way to not be disliked by anyone, unless for some reason they severely object to your offer. Finally, just generally try to be nice to people and treat them as you would like to be treated.

Thankfully, a majority of the online community play just to have fun and not to cause problems, so it’s quite easy to make friends on the internet simply by talking to others that you meet in games, and the small amount of people that do set out to cause problems can generally easily be avoided. Online multiplayer gaming is supposed to be for fun, as all gaming should be, and it can easily be that way as long as the minor negative element is avoided.