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The Other Brothers a Kickstarter Game Looking to Make a Linux Debut

3D Attack will use Unity 4 for their upcoming

adventure game

The Other Brothers is an episodic family adventure game of running, jumping, collecting and racing against the clock, all in retro pixel glory. That’s right… retro pixel glory! You know what we are talking about. Remember those glorious days of the Commodore 64, Amiga 500, NES/SNES etc., and the hours, upon hours, of side scrolling pixelated fun?
We are bringing it back with, The Other Brothers! Not only are we going to bring it back, but enhance it.

Technology today allows 3D Attack the ability to do things they couldn’t do in the past, so why not incorporate some “fresh/modern” ideas. The Other Brothers plays homage to the golden era of gaming, and yet stands on it’s own feet due to strong visuals and game play. Making a retro game using Pixel Art is a style choice. It’s an art form. It’s an experience we were captured with in our young years and want to bring it all back to you and your family.

We invite you to join Joe and Jim, on their wild and crazy adventure, as they horizontally scroll junkyards, cities, streets, allies and sewers. As they, collect pigeons, avoid obstacles, take on bad guys and fight the big bosses all in an effort to rescue our damsel in distress, Tavy! Not only do we want you to enjoy The Other Brothers, we want you to be part of it.


The Kickstarter funding will improve The Other Brothers with:

  • Your backing will allow us (4 people) to work solely on completing the game for a fall 2012 Release. First to iOS, then Android, MAC and PC.
  • Additional Localization Languages (Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French and more).
  • Classic Multiplayer Support (2 people, 1 device).
  • Various controller support.
  • An original soundtrack written exclusively for the game along with custom made sound effects.
  • Great performance on a wider range of devices (hardware testing).
  • Various Power Up Items.
  • It will allow us to start work on further (FREE) DLC content.
  • Buying Unity 4 licenses to support Linux, Ouya and more!

Most importantly, it enables 3D Attack the ability to organize an open a Beta Test community for Backers, like you. Here, not only will you test the game in its beta stage, but you will also be able to convey to the developers your likes, dislikes, comments and suggestions. Actually taking part in making The Other Brothers a Retro Pixel success! And yes, you will receive “in game” recognition for your contribution on our Backers Wall of Fame in the credits.


Exclusive Rewards Include:

  • Desktop The Other Brothers Wallpaper for your PC, MAC, Tablet or Mobile Device.
  • A copy of The Other Brothers game on PC or MAC digitally distributed.
  • A seat on the PC/MAC beta team and access to our BACKERS ONLY community.
  • Your name on the Backers Wall of Fame in the game credits.
  • Your name “Graffiti Style” in the game and an 11”x17” The Other Brothers Poster.
  • A Retro/Pixel The Other Brothers style Character designed after your likeness and digitally delivered and a The Other Brothers T-Shirt.
  • A hard bound, 20 page book of The Other Brothers Original Artwork signed and delivered snail mail style.
  • A Retro/Pixel The Other Brothers style Character designed after your likeness will make a cameo appearance in the game.
  • An 11”x17” The Other Brothers Poster featuring the Character designed after your likeness.
  • Your chance to send your love. That’s right, we will work with you to design a secret, in game, segment where your character, designed after your likeness, can send a message to a loved one…. Will you marry me? I love you! Milk was a bad choice!


Why Kickstarter?

Game development is an exciting, fun and enjoyable process, but it’s also an expensive one. To make The Other Brothers something truly special, we need you.

Being indie developers allows the development the freedom to design a unique game without publishers intervening, but also means that we (3D Atthack) are doing this entirely out of our own pockets with the money we pay the bills and feed our kids with. Things like localization, hardware for testing and audio production all require money and there’s only so far we can get with our MacGyver hats on.


The Other Brothers Gang!

Over the city and through the sewers taking on everything that gets in their way!

Escaping all that lurks in the sewers!

Joe and Jim are off to rescue our damsel in distress, Tavy!

Joe and Jim under attack in the Junkyard.

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