The Other Half dark violent RPG coming this Fall

the other half dark violent rpg coming this fall to linux mac windows

The Other Half is a dark fantasy action adventure coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Where players uncover a tale of intimacy and violence in order to cleanse a demonic infestation fro m a once-beautiful land.

A Demon Hunter receives a letter from Daniel. Also a man begging for help against a demonic infestation from the mountain that he calls home.

While the Hunter, in a search for him through the cold and abandoned world. Will soon discover a twisting tale of intimacy and violence of the past. While using that knowledge to purge the demons from the once-beautiful land.

The Other Half dark but violent RPG Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Hand animated 2D characters on a cold and ruined 3D world
  • Methodical combat that rewards patience, precision, and knowing the enemies intimately
  • A one-sitting narrative of discovering memory fragments that showcase the beauty of the past
  • Fully voiced dialogues and narrations
  • Optional Narrative Mode for those who don’t want difficulty to affect the pacing of the story, without taking away the intensity of combat

Since the actual gameplay seems to have the player roaming around quite a bit. And the whole top-down aspect looks interesting. I’m far more partial to an isometric view. And the trailer itself doesn’t show anything regarding character progression or a skill tree.

There also seems to just be a flame attack. Where the rest of The Other Half appears to be a straight forward action RPG. But I am curious to know how the dark violent environment plays into gameplay. Or will there be hidden items available.
From the trailer alone, the main character seems to have speed dash. And what appears to be the ability to change seasons at one point. There is a Free Demo on Steam, but only appears to be available on Windows.

The Other Half is due to release on November 2nd, 2018. Launching on Linux, Mac and Windows. Mind you, no details are available yet regarding launch price.

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