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The Outbound Ghost port to help ghosts ascend

the outbound ghost adventure RPG game's linux port after mac and windows pc

The Outbound Ghost adventure RPG game’s Linux port to help ghosts ascend after Mac and Windows PC release. Thanks to details from developer Conradical Games. Due to arrive later this year on Steam.

Indie developer Conradical Games is eager to confirm the news of The Outbound Ghost. Which is a hauntingly adorable RPG, to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC later this year (Q4 2022). In development since 2020, solo dev Conrad Grindheim, combines quests, exploration, turn-based combat, and crafting.

We’re hoping to get a Linux version done post release, but we can’t confirm anything at the moment. We would love to though, so we’ll work hard to do whatever we can.

The Outbound Ghost development is taking play by Unity 3D. According to an email reply from the developer they are considering a Linux port. Which is being stated in the Steam Discussions reply. But the developer obviously wants to make a port possible. Especially giving the success of the Steam Deck. Stating that Proton should work well. Although the email points out, “I totally understand that a full port would be preferable.”
You can share your Tux Love in the The Outbound Ghost Discussion post. The more native games we have on Linux, the more we will see on the Steam Deck.

The Outbound Ghost is a story driven adventure. One where players take control of an amnesiac spook with no memory of who they are or how they died. Arriving in Outbound, a small village with its own mysterious and tragic past. The spectral hero finds it haunted by former residents unable to pass over to the other side. The player must help the ghostly residents to resolve their unfinished earthly business and find peace. While allowing the restless souls to ascend to the afterlife.

The Outbound Ghost Announcement Trailer

The Outbound Ghost is the third game by Conradical Games. Following the previously released Lootbox Lyfe and Girabox. Working on the game with programmer, designer, and project lead Conrad Grindheim. Including composer Kimmo Savilampi (Aria Disconnect) and character artist Clayton Chowaniec (Rog & Roll).

The Outbound Ghost adventure RPG is due to arrive in Q4 2022. Coming to both to Mac and Windows PC, followed by a Linux port. Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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