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The Pacific War DLC deploys in Sudden Strike 4

the pacific war dlc deploys in sudden strike 4 linux mac windows games

The Pacific War DLC pack releases for Sudden Strike 4 on Linux, Mac and Windows. Now available thanks to Kalypso Media’s. And their hit World War II real time tactics game. While gameplay rages into the Pacific. With the release of The Pacific War DLC pack. Available on Steam and GOG.

So along with introducing a new theatre of the conflict. The Pacific War DLC features ten missions. Taking place across two campaigns. Players will also have access six new commanders. Including the Imperial Japanese Army’s Admiral Soemu Toyoda. The Southern Expeditionary Army Group’s Hisaichi. Legendary five-star US general Douglas MacArthur. And Chief of Staff Richard J. Marshall.

Also included in The Pacific War DLC are 51 new vehicles. Including marine vehicles for land and sea combat. As well as massive controllable aircraft carriers to rule the skies. Advanced air combat planes for vicious dog fights. And destructive flame throwers to eliminate ground forces. All while doing so in spectacular fashion. A new gameplay trailer is available showing the DLC in action.

Sudden Strike 4 – Pacific War DLC Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In addition to the The Pacific War DLC. Update 1.15 has also been released. So this updates the main game. Which launches three new bonus missions. All completely free of charge. Read the full Linux, Mac and Winodows PC changelogs for all the details.

Since Sudden Strike 4 puts players in the commander’s seat. While playing across extensive campaigns. All taking place in the cruel battlefields of World War II. Along with a deep single player mode. Sudden Strike 4 includes challenge focused fights. As well as multiplayer matches. Since players around the world can face off against each other. Previous DLC’s include The Road to Dunkirk, Finland: Winter Storm and Africa: Desert War.

Sudden Strike 4, rages into the Pacific with The Pacific War DLC pack. Available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD on both Steam and GOG.

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