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The Pegasus Expedition grand strategy to get a port

the pegasus expedition space grand strategy to get a port for linux with windows pc

The Pegasus Expedition space grand strategy to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. According to details from developer Kalla Gameworks. Who is gearing up for an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign this month.

The Indiegogo campaign for The Pegasus Expedition is due to kick off on February 23rd (6PM EST/GMT +2). This story driven sci-fi grand strategy game will be back for the second attempt at funding. Since the Kickstarter back in November 2020 failed to hit it’s $25,000 USD.

Now that the developers are gearing up for a new campaign. The available details do not show Linux support. Therefore, reaching out to Kalla Gameworks, they explained what’s going on in an email reply.

We have not listed the Linux support to Indiegogo. Since we cannot promise support for Linux on the initial release.
So, the plan is to make the Linux support, but after the initial Windows PC release.

In the email reply, the fact that the developers “cannot promise support for Linux” is a trigger. However, based on their last attempt at funding, the explanation is justified. While going on to explain that Linux will make a debut after The Pegasus Expedition Windows PC launch. Which does not have a time frame just yet. The funding campaign is just coming online. And hopefully, this time around, the campaign succeeds.

The Pegasus Expedition – Official Gameplay Trailer

If you missed the original The Pegasus Expedition post. The gameplay is a mix of a sci-fi story and space grand strategy. While forging these aspects together in a best of both worlds experience.
There is also an ethereal soundtrack for the journey. All to accompany your mission as it evolves from exploring to governing. Later moving into all out conquest, growing into a fight for survival.

The Pegasus Expedition story starts in 2262 with humankind at war. Now facing a vast threat at home. Humanity sends a caravan to the Pegasus Galaxy. Doing so is a bold attempt to find a new home for the population of Earth. As a result, this caravan finds itself in the middle of an interstellar war. And one that they somehow started.

This sci-fi grand strategy will have you lead, manage fleets, and officers. It also takes you into an interstellar war and a deep story campaign. having you make scientific discoveries and exploring empty spaceships. Of course, this means building diplomatic relations and a working economy. Maybe then you can survive the perils of the new mystery galaxy.
The Pegasus Expedition players will also be forced to make key decisions within their council. Taking the player deeper into the story and its characters. While you fight ever worsening odds with friends and allies.


  • Immense handcrafted world – a replayable campaign in a rich, vast world. With each unique playthrough lasting up to over 40 hours.
  • Conflict and tragedy – experience a deep storyline. Since no one is perfect, the ends will often have to justify the means in The Pegasus Expedition.
  • Choose to be the leader you wish to be – face hard moral choices at tough times. Of course, you will also suffer the results.
  • Rewarding gameplay experience – Flexible 4X gameplay with many different approaches. So you can face various challenges the campaign presents.
  • Meaningful diplomacy – a varying and flexible system with over 30 independent factions in the galaxy.

The Pegasus Expedition space grand strategy is coming to Indiegogo, February 23rd. You can also sign up to be notified of the crowdfunding campaign. Due to launch on Windows PC, followed by a Linux port. The Steam store page is also coming soon too.

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