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The Pillar puzzle escape room support incoming?

the pillar puzzle escape room game support incoming for linux mac windows pc

The Pillar is a new puzzle escape room game for Windows PC and Mac, but likely coming to Linux too. Thanks to developer Paper Bunker. The game is also now available on Steam.

Cleverly mixing mystery and puzzle solving. The Pillar takes you deep into an unknown world. So you can explore and relish in your surroundings. Each Island has its own unique feel and secrets for you to solve. So just keep a clear and open mind as you approach them and remember. The key is to pay attention to things around you as they change and evolve. All of this will lead to another room. Even more, another challenge and unfold a piece of a painting. Wait, but what for?

It is made with Unity3D. So many Linux distribution and We can’t cover all. But We will see it in the future.

We made The Pillar in almost 3 years of development in our spare time. And the original idea was, just to bring to the mobile world. But We changed our minds and bring to the PC first.

Once again Unity 3D is in use. But there seems to be a challenge for The Pillar Linux build. According to the email from developer Paper Bunker’s. They would like to bring a native build into the mix. However, they are concerned about not covering all distro’s. Therefore it seems the console release is still ahead of a port. But The Pillar works at a Platinum level via Proton. And is very much worth playing.

The Pillar – Gameplay Trailer

Your only hope is to find the paintings scattered around the Islands and solve the mystery! Can you find them all and…wake up? Dozens of challenging puzzles await you. And The Pillar story itself is really intriguing.


  • Deliver more than 2+ hours of gameplay to our fastest players in 8 levels
  • Use latest features of the device
  • Each puzzle fits the environment and the story. Plus there are board puzzles on the The Pillars themselves
  • Atmospheric music accompanied by a mysterious story
  • Our team grew up with mobiles in their hands. While trying to take advantage of the latest features and tech. Focusing on every detail and polish their games as much as we can
  • Add features such as Achievement

Paper Bunker s.r.o. was founded in 2019 by three gaming veterans. Who are friends from the industry. Each with many years of experience from current and previous companies and cannot wait to build our games and worlds!

The Pillar puzzle escape room game is available on Steam. Priced at $13.49 uSD including a 10% discount until June 17th. Available for Windows PC and Mac, with Linux in the future.

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